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Integrated clinics for all medical specialties, our experienced medical staff are at your service all the time

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A group of distinguished doctors with high experience in all medical specialties at your service 24 hours a day


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At Alosrah Medical Complex, we have made sure that our prices are reasonable and suitable for all individuals

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We sought to provide the latest devices and equipment needed to diagnose and treat various diseases, which give fast and accurate results.


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Dental clinics are designed in a way that matches international quality standards and are provided with the latest technology and equipment

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The heart is one of the most important organs for us, so we assigned it a separate section that takes care of various heart diseases and is equipped with all the necessary tools for treatment and diagnosis

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Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to help relieve pain and return the body to its normal state

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Dr.. Nabil Al-Halabi

Our doctors

dr cares. Nabil Al-Halabi, with commitment and respect for the dignity and rights of patients through the provision of medical care and support services in a professional manner that guarantees the satisfaction of workers. On the confidentiality of his data, we are interested in hiring honest workers.


Hassan Al Turki

Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician Pediatrician


Sarah Salmani

Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist

Plastic Surgeon

Mahmoud Ali

Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgeon

General Practitioner

princess of ropes

General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner

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Patient testimonials

Incident to go shores by, then, and from the spot processing and France what. Harper limits and widens then rightly, some loser God ahead and.

On the other hand, we deplore and denounce those men who are enthralled by the ecstasy of the moment, so wandering about their desires, not realizing the inevitable pain and sorrow that follows them.

zahrat Ali

And I will show a vivid example of this, who among us has not endured hard physical effort except for the sake of obtaining an advantage or benefit? But who has the right to criticize someone who wanted to feel happiness without painful consequences, or someone who wanted to avoid the pain that might result in some pleasure?

Samira bin Salman

child’s opinion

What our younger patients say

I must explain to you that all these misconceptions about denouncing pleasure and glorifying pain have already arisen, and I will show you the details to discover the truth and basis of that human happiness. To feel it in a more rational and logical way, and this exposes them to face the dire circumstances, and I repeat that there is no one who desires love and attainment and enjoys pain, pain is pain.

medicare-lo go

دأبت شركة طب الأسرة منذ ثلاثة عقود على ابتكار مجالات رائدة وإطلاق برامج واعدة واستشرافاً لمستقبلٍ حملت فصوله رؤية السعودية 2030 وبرنامج التحول الاستراتيجي 2020 حيث تتميز الشركة بتقديم الخِدْمَات الطبية وتشغيل المؤسسات الصحية وإدارتها فضلاً عن تقديم خِدْمَات التدريب والتعليم الطبي المستمر وتثقيف المجتمع وتشغيل وإدارة المؤسسات الصحية المساعدة.

شعار مجموعة طب الأسرة000

For three decades, the Family Medicine Company has been innovating pioneering areas, launching promising programs, and foreseeing a future whose chapters carry the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Strategic Transformation Program 2020. The company is characterized by providing medical services, operating and managing health institutions, as well as providing training services, continuing medical education, community education, and operating and managing allied health institutions. .

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